With 0 Games Ahead, 3DS is Truly a Dead Platform

The Nintendo 3DS last got a brand new game released for it in May of 2019. That isn’t exactly a long time ago, but when you look at the upcoming game list on Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan’s websites, you’ll notice not only is there nothing for this month, there’s nothing in the future either. Now, Nintendo has essentially confirmed they themselves wouldn’t be making anymore games for the platform, but these listings include 3rd party offerings and indie games.

Now, that doesn’t mean the platform won’t get some sort of new game eventually. An indie title or something here or there. But reality is, this is the end of the 3DS’s life cycle. The writing was mostly on the wall when Nintendo Switch was unveiled back in October of 2016. As a hybrid home and handheld console, it felt like it would be not only a replacement for the Wii U, but also the 3DS. However, given how popular the 3DS was, Nintendo consistently stated it wasn’t a 3DS replacement.

Fast forward to 2019 and it very clearly replaced both. The 3DS is Nintendo’s “worst selling handheld system”, but that comes with a few caveats. First, that Nintendo combined the Gameboy and Gameboy Color systems as part of the same generation. Secondly, that despite being the worst, it still sold north of 70 million units world wide. That shows you the immense popularity Nintendo handhelds have always had from day 1.

Source: Nintendo Japan