Will Breath of the Wild Setup Future Zelda Games? – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 14 (Part 3)

Today’s part of our 14th episode of the Nintendo Prime Podcast dives deep into the Breath of the Wild vortex, as we discuss not only if the game will setup future games the way Ocarina of Time did, but if it should be a game that does. As always, this week I am joined by our podcast co-host, Eric Mohr, and yes, both of us have extensive hands on experience playing the Breath of the Wild demo. Does that mean anything for our opinions on this? You’ll have to watch and find out!

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded MetroidWiki.org, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.

  • WakY

    Just want to say I enjoy the NP Podcasts broken into daily segments! It’s much easier for me to listen (watch) with the limited time I have during the day. Thanks!