Wii U Production Has Ended Globally

So long, old friend. As was rumored last year and reported for just Japan yesterday, we now know that the Wii U has ceased production altogether, marking an early death for the system before its swansong game, Breath of the Wild, has even released. Nintendo of America clarified after remarks that they stopped production in Japan yesterday that this wasn’t just a Japan thing, but rather, Nintendo has stopped production on a global scale.

That means there are no more Wii U units being made. If you really want a brand new Wii U unit either for your collection or to play its back catalog because you don’t like buying used, good luck. They are already impossible to find in my area locally and I don’t exactly live in a massive populated area. Used ones are still flooding the market with Nintendo Switch on the horizon, but there is nothing like a brand new, never opened, Wii U sitting in my collection.

So long, old friend.

Source: Kotaku