Why Fan’s Anger at Nintendo is Misguided – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 010

On this week’s episode of the Nintendo Prime Podcast, Eric and yours truly explore several important topics. First up is if Super Mario Run will be the future of 2D side scrolling Mario games going forward, given the additional rise of Super Mario Maker. We also explore some of the differences between Breath of the Wild on the Switch and Wii U, as we explore if there is enough happening in just that singular title to truly… make the “switch”. (I’m really sorry about that bad pun).

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The largest portion of this week’s podcast however is spent on a much more important issue that has been ongoing and festering without the Nintendo fan community for some time – the animosity towards Nintendo. Whether it’s the constant game delays, the censorship out of Nintendo Treehouse, the silly YouTube policies, the closing down of fan projects, or the lack of being able to meet demand, a lot of fans are growing so tired with Nintendo that they feel the only recourse is for Nintendo to fail miserably. For some, the only justice is for Nintendo to go Bankrupt. For others, it’s for Nintendo to fail so badly in their current endeavors that it causes them to “wake up”. Some are even upset that Nintendo is keeping to their “casual” gamer mentality, or making games “for kids”.

It’s a somewhat justifiable stance, given that Nintendo is pushing a lot of buttons lately. However, we explore some of the comments behind this and explain how we’re ignoring the great things Nintendo is doing, and why them not creating exactly what you want doesn’t mean we should be attacking them for creating things that others do want. It actually really struck a pretty personal nerve with me, but I’ll let my comments on the podcast do the talking.

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded MetroidWiki.org, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.

  • ThePolterghostNX

    To be honest, people saying they wont get a Switch at all if BotW isn’t there day 1 are just acting reactionary. They’ll get over it eventually.

    Now, not to the purpose of bragging, but just to tell how much I love Zelda and how much I’m looking forward to it.. but I bought my Wii U Day 1, first of all, for the prospect of HD Nintendo games. And yes, they were all HD. I’m sure you know that high definition is not visual quality, but pixel fill rate. Second of all, for the prospect of a huge amazing Zelda game. TWWHD did that for me, as I played TWW on Gamecube and had beef with it. That beef was remedied with TWWHD, and I now love TWWHD.

    In prep for BotW, I got a new 7.2 HD Surround system and a new 4K TV with upscaling engine simply because I want to experience it in the best way I possibly can. But that’s just me as one being an audio/video enthusiast and having an intimate love for Zelda, having started with Zelda 2 back in 86. However some people are content with playing it on a 32 inch 720p screen and a pair of stereo headphones. That’s fine, both are legit, but both are totally different experiences and it only amounts to what people are content with, and how much people want to invest into the experience.

    I will admit that Treehouse has made some decisions that really seemed arbitrary and decisions that are completely not even necessary. Especially considering the age bracket of consumers who would buy certain games, then there is no reason to water down the original design of the games for an age bracket that the game isn’t targeting anyway even after the alterations. For example, Fatal Frame was M rated before and after the changes that were made to it in localization, so what was really the necessity in swapping a few costumes for Nintendo mascot costumes? Nobody wanted that. And of course the argument could be made that the main content of the game is the same so the costume changes are arbitrary. But then the same argument can be made, if they were so arbitrary, why weren’t they just left alone? The main consumer pool for it was Fatal Frame fans who asked for the game to be localized. The changes certainly weren’t made for them. They asked for a physical release, and called constantly asking. But that audience was ignored and felt like that Fatal Frame wasn’t being localized for the Fatal Frame fanbase. So it sold like garbage on a hot day.

  • Thatoneguy

    Nintendrone rubbish. Fans have every right to be angry at Nintendo now and for very solid reasons too.

  • Corvo Attano

    Nintendo console market is running solely on the nostalgia of ’90s kids right now. Ever since Nintendo 64, the number of good games that has released on a Nintendo console, could be counted on one hand. And that can barely even be said for the Wii U. Super Mario Bros. U is a good game I’m sure, and Smash Bros. 4 continued to ignore what Melee fans want, so neither was good enough to justify buying the console. And Nintendo hardware continued to be inferior to its competitors. Especially the 3DS, which still has a 240p internal resolution while its competitors Android and iOS have 1080p. Android and iOS can install recording software (post-jailbreak/root), but the 3DS requires an independent enthusiast to make a capture card for it which needs to be hardmodded, and even then, said enthusiast only makes it for the oldest 3DS model, so I cannot even record off my New 3DS XL. There may always be people who do not need convenient recording, easy access to modding, etc., but for those who do, and that IS a growing number, they, like me, will inevitably turn away from Nintendo.

    • I literally own a modded NEw Nintendo 3DS XL and have for about a year now. So… that part you stated is factually incorrect.

      As for “competitors”, I don’t think you should view phones as a competitors. Why? Because as an example, when my 6s plus released, it costed $1000. I didn’t really get it cheaper with a cell phone plan either. I just pay it off little by little each month. It’s completely unfair even compare a $200 device to a $1000 one. They do not serve the same market. So yes my phone is 1080p with better graphics capability. It also costs a lot more. I don’t expect that out of a $200 device. $200 android phones run very sluggish. And I don’t have tactile buttons without an add on or external controller, and no access to
      Most of my library without a internet connection.

      It’s just not the same medium, especially given phones are well, phones first, that happen to
      Play games. 3DS is a gaming machine first, that happens to have a web browser and Netflix.

      It’s like comparing a PS4 Pro to $1000 gaming PC. They really exist for two different markets.

      • Corvo Attano

        I wasn’t aware of a third manufacturer of capture boards. Still, this manufacturer is based in Japan, and I live in the U.S., which means higher shipping and delivery costs. The total cost includes the costs of the part, the installation labor, the seller’s shipping cost, and the cost of me having to ship my 3DS/N3DSXL/Vita/WiiU to the capture board seller for installation. That is a lot of money, just to be able to record a resolution that is only fit for a 3″-4″ screen.

        iPhones have always been overpriced, and now unfortunately, good, newest Android phones are also expensive. But you forgot that mobile includes both smartphones and tablets. Tablets have bigger screens, and can do everything a smartphone can do, except for making calls. And ironically, tablets cost LESS than smartphones. Data versions cost more than the Wi-fi versions, but data version is optional, and only if one absolutely needs constant internet access. And while smartphones do not offer the “most bang for your buck”, Nvidia’s Shield Tablet does. That tablet was designed for high performance gaming. Equipped with Nvidia’s own Tegra K1 mobile gpu, quad-core cpu, 2GB RAM, 8 inch screen, and a microSD slot to expand storage up to 128 GB. Starting price was $300, but after the tablet was re-released as the Shield Tablet K1, the price dropped to $200. It was even capable of connecting to an HDTV through HDMI, and going into sleep mode while doing so. Sound familiar? The Nintendo Switch is not as innovative and revolutionary as Nintendo fans would like to believe. They ripped off Nvidia’s Shield Tablet. Yes, the Switch will have a form-fitting, two-piece controller which can be attached to either side of the main console, which is essentially a tablet. And yes, the Switch will have its own charging dock. But see, regular tablets could’ve had those attachments too, they should’ve had those attachments, but the mainstream people remained hooked on their iphones and ipads, and the technological superiority of the Shield Tablet went largely unnoticed. Shield Tablet even had its own video capture software pre-installed, no root required. So, while you do not expect high performance out of a $200 device, I already KNOW of a $200 device that can do more than just play videos and games at 1080p. The only thing high performance tablets cannot do, is play first-party Nintendo games (without emulators), and that is Nintendo’s fault, because they insist on being stubborn on the matter. Internet connection should not be a problem, none of my Android games require an internet connection to run. If Nintendo were ever to release first party games on Android and iOS, they should take care to make their games playable offline (given said games have a single player mode).

        It is inaccurate to say that smartphones are “phones first”. They are mobile computers first, and phones second, judging by the fact that 99% of the time, people will be using their smartphone to scroll their social media news feed, play a game, use it as a flashlight, etc. Addictively scrolling one’s social media feed is a bad habit anyway, and since playing games is more ideal on a tablet anyway, it is much more cost-effective to buy a regular cellphone for making calls, and a tablet for everything else, will cost way less than $1000.

        PC and home console markets are really not different, they are similar. PC is for players who want all their utilities in one place, like me, and home consoles are for players dedicated to the living room experience. Living room players can record their gameplay with a dvd recorder, or a digital video recorder, if such a thing exists. But what set Nintendo behind its console competitors, was its inferior hardware, lack of third party support, and their first party games not being cross-platform. In terms of video quality, the Wii U had finally caught up with its competitors, but it was too little too late. As for third party support, although Wii U promised third party support, the Wii U hardware and firmware was too complicated compared to XBox 360 and PS3, so third parties ultimately dropped out. And finally, Nintendo’s unwillingness to make their first party games cross-platform, always left most players with one of three difficult choices. Buy an XBox or Playstation, to have access to the larger selection of third-party games, and miss out on a handful of Nintendo exclusives. Buy a Nintendo, and miss out on the larger quantity of third-party games. Or, shell out money for two systems. Ultimately, people who get tired of this dillema, will just give up on NIntendo completely.

        • Thatoneguy

          The most notorious examples of inferior hardware that Nintendo made a pretty much fatal mistake on was on not being able to play DVDs and sticking to the pure gaming machine model after the PS2 in 2000 made it obsolete overnight. Nintendo has allowed itself to completely fall into disrepair because of that.

    • Thatoneguy

      I grew up with the N64, and found its game library small but solid for the most part. However, I pretty much find everything they have done since the N64 and GBC bit the dust in 2001 to be complete trash. I have only truly liked six things from Nintendo in the past 15/16 years. Smash Melee, Brawl, and 4, Zelda: Twilight Princess, the Game Cube Controller, and the Wii Virtual Console. That’s it for me.