We’re Looking for Volunteers to Post News, Create Editorials, and Create Video Content Based on Nintendo

No creative or influential titles here folks, because we need to get down to some brass tacks. Nintendo Prime is a labor of love. One of which is primarily ran by yours truly, with a sprinkling of help from a handful of volunteers. I am hoping we can expand our team, help you gain some serious experience, and create something truly special here at Nintendo Prime out of pure passion. If one thing is for certain, Nintendo fans are extremely passionate, and we want to turn that passion into an informative, creative, form for all the other fans out there to enjoy.

Thus we are looking for folks in a few different positions. Here are the detailed breakdown:

News Writers

These are the bread the butter of our daily work force, as in any given day we could have 20 to even 40 different stories to get out the door. There is a lot to talk about, from system updates to the latest trailers and sales figures. I also believe firmly in posting various content created by the fan-base itself, because we ourselves are fans. Here are some of the expectations and requirements of a volunteer news writer:

  • The time to post 2 to 3 news pieces a week (minimally, ideally we want folks who want to post much more frequently)
  • Ability to work well with others in what can occasionally be a fast paced environment
  • Willing to listen constructively to feedback in order to improve your posts
  • Have solid writing ability (no experience required)

Editorial Writers

If news writers are the bread and butter of our daily work force, editorial writers are the backbone that take us beyond being “just another news outlet”. These are the folks that help create the true character of the site with their opinions, analytical think pieces, and crazy theories. They add personality to the fold, driving community interest and discussion. The best part? All the ideas are your own – we don’t tell you what to write about, it’s whatever you happen to be passionate about at that time. Here is a rundown of expectations and requirements:

  • The time to create two editorial pieces per month (more than this is welcome!)
  • Ability to take constructive criticism when your piece is being copy edited
  • Have solid writing ability (no experience required)
  • The ability to research and come up with original ideas and concepts

Video Content Creators and Editors

We’re in a day and age when a large percentage of the internet simply wants something more audio and visual based when it comes to their content consumption. We aim to provide some of that with our video content team. We already have a budding video first podcast, with one other video person creating amazing analytical videos every single month. The door is wide open on the possibilities of video content. Much of what can be done is similar to what the editorial team does, but in a video format. However, you are able to come up with your own ideas, so really, if you apply for this position, be sure you come to the table with an idea on the type of content you want to create. Here are the expectations and requirements:

  • 1 exclusive video per month (unless you decide to create a weekly feature)
  • Display an ability to create and edit videos (samples required)

How to Apply

Applying is simple! All you have to do is email me at nathan@nintendoprime.net with your name, age, position desired, and why you think you’re a great fit for us here at Nintendo Prime. I sincerely thank each and everyone of you that made it this far, even if you end up not applying.