It’s not often we get a couple months out from a games release and still don’t know who voiced a key character in a given game. Typically the game’s credit or official website will have who did what listed. In this particular case however, Prince Sidon’s voice actor has been a mystery since day one. Some thought it was possibly the work of Bill Rogers, but that wasn’t the case. We finally know who voiced him and why it was tough to figure out thanks to Sean Chiplock. Sean voiced The Great Deku Tree, Revali, and Teba. He is the one that confirmed that Prince Sidon was voiced by Jamie Mortellaro, the game’s English Voice Director. Here is what Sean had to say about it on his tumblr:

“… In fact, Jamie was also the voice director for Breath of the Wild, meaning he was directly responsible for guiding me to the desired performances for Revali and my other roles. All those times I’ve been talking about how much credit I owed to ‘my director’ for helping me really understand Revali when I was losing hope? That was this guy!

Now, before anyone gets the notion that ‘Oh, he just cast himself in the game because he was directing it’, I want to make it very clear that Sidon was also up for audition; I actually ALSO had the chance to read for Sidon (in addition to Jamie and many of my competitors), but because my takes sounded too close to Revali it just wasn’t going to work out. I believe (and this is my personal opinion only) that it was at the request of Nintendo that Jamie took up the helm of voicing Sidon.

I firmly believe this to be the case because – and I can say this from personal experience – Jamie is every bit as supportive and optimistic in real life as Sidon is in the game. His overwhelming enthusiasm is what helped me refocus myself when Revali was giving me such a hard time, and I cannot imagine anyone else who would have been a more natural fit for this role than he was. Having Jamie direct me from line to line was like having Sidon himself guiding me through the ‘Vah Dubbo’ dungeon to accomplish my quest.”

To give some context, Mortellaro worked on other hugely popular games, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hitman, and many more. Unsurprisingly, the voice of Prince Sidon is widely viewed as one of the best voiced characters in the game.

Source: Tumblr