A new Unreal Engine 4 remastering of Ocarina of Time update came across my desk today from YouTuber CryzenX, who has been remastering the game in Unreal Engine 4 for years now. What is so nice about the remastering he does is that he releases his work in playable form, so instead of simply tossing out a showcase video of this update, I decided to go hands on with the demo itself. Thus, the video above is literally my first time playing through the demo, which lets you explore Kokiri Forest and The Lost Woods.

As a note, I played this with a mouse and keyboard, so it’s possible some of the jank involved in my movement is because I am using directional keys, instead of a smoother joystick like functionality.

My takeaway? It looks good, but doesn’t feel that good in my given control method. In fact, I had a much better time playing another remastering by a different person, which you can see below:

Dank mems aside (I know, some love it, others are cringing), the demo simply plays better. Either way, you can try out cryzenx’s version here.