Ultra Rare Pokemon Card Just Sold at Auction For $54,970

Collector items can often times be worth a lot of money, and that includes old school Pokemon cards. The original run of cards, particularly those by Wizards of the Coast, generally are the most valued. At an auction at Heritage Auctions in Beverley Hills, California on November 18th, the Pokemon card Pikachu Illustrator sold for $54,970, which eclipsed the expected sale price of $50,000. Here’s a look at the mint rated card:


What makes this one so valuable is the rarity. Here’s some background on this card:

“The Pikachu Illustrator Card was given in January of 1998 to winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest,” said Barry Sandoval, Director of Operations for Comics at Heritage Auctions. “Only 20-39 copies of this card were released, 10 of which are graded in top condition and it is unknown how many still remain with the public.”

The text on the card reads as follows:

“We certify that your illustration is an excellent entry in the Pokémon Card Game Illust Contest. Therefore, we state that you are an Officially Authorized Pokémon Card Illustrator and admire your skill.”

I personally sold off some of my Pokemon card collection a few months ago, all of which were from the original release of the game in the late 90’s. Needless to say, you could be sitting on a gold mine if you were a collector as a kid.

Source: IGN

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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