Our friends over at Nintendo Everything got a chance to interview Reinhard Pollice, the Business & Product Development Director at THQ Nordic. They talk about a wide range of topics all surrounding Nintendo. While they talk a bit about why they continue to release games on the Wii U (hint, they are profitable), the most intersting tidbit came when the conversation drifted towards the Nintendo Switch. Pollice was willing to confirm that THQ Nordic currently has two titles in development for the Nintendo Switch.

THQ Nordic is confirmed as a Switch partner, but can you confirm that the company is actively developing titles for the console?

RP: We do have 2 projects in development for Switch.

Of course, they do still plan to release Darksiders: Warmastered edition on the Wii U, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see that title drift over to the Nintendo Switch as well. They also reportedly plan to give a similar treatment to Darksiders 2. While I would love to see both titles make their way to the Switch, I think I would personally prefer to find out Darksiders 3 is a thing and coming directly to the Switch.

Source: Nintendo Everything