This Zelda Switch Mod is Amazing… and You Can Buy it Today for $700

When I saw this mod, my mouth was left ajar. In my day I’ve seen 1000’s of customized game consoles. Most of them are really interesting paint jobs, but the ones that truly stand out to me aren’t the cool skins and the fresh paint, it’s the ones that go the extra mile and do something completely unique. Enter MakoMod, who created a “Sheikah” inspired mod to both the Nintendo Switch itself, the joy-cons, and yes… the dock. Here’s a video look:


Absolutely incredible. Beyond that, he is selling this modified console right now on ebay for a stunning $700 (or 620 euros). The console is fully functional and claimed to be comfortable to play with, but was created for the intended purpose of putting on display rather than being your daily driver. That being said, while a premium price, the creator claims it took 4 months of planning, research, and learning a few new skill sets. The mod has actual pine wood in, some brass metal, and several other materials. All I know is I want it. It’s one of a kind and they won’t be making another one.


Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.

  • Creative Alias

    Oh damn, won’t that cost a pretty penny or what! I mean, with that kind of money, you could almost buy a Switch off of eBay!

    • MakoMod

      The cost will increase, the auction still running 😉