Switch is Breaking Records in its First Year, but the Console is Somehow Doomed

“Too many remasters!” cry the fans. “No new games announced!” scream the naysayers. “Nintendo is doomed” has been a common theme of amateur critics across the Internet. Somehow, Nintendo’s brand new record breaking system, which has become the fastest selling console in a 10 month period almost globally, is doomed. Apparently, 2018 is the year Nintendo Switch will fail miserably. Despite the console’s many accolades and the fact it’s not even a year old yet, we’re 19 days into the new year and many are quick to discredit the company’s hybrid gaming system.

As far as I can tell, this sentiment re-appeared after the Nintendo Direct Mini on January 11th. Remasters and ports are coming to the console in early 2018 for those who missed out on these games or want to go another round. Dark Souls: Remastered is hitting the Switch on May 11th alongside other systems. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is dropping on May 4th with a new playable character, Funky Kong. The World Ends With You: Final Remix, a cult classic DS title, is also making its way to the latest and greatest Nintendo hardware. These are just three renowned adventures being ported to Switch, with more announced in the presentation. Two new first party games, Kirby Star Allies and Mario Tennis Aces were also announced for spring 2018. These aren’t the bastions of media coverage and money making as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were, but many are looking forward to them nonetheless.


The problem many had with Nintendo’s self-dubbed “mini” presentation is the fact there were no jaw-dropping announcements regarding their 2018 release calendar—not to mention the Direct was leaked beforehand, causing many to over-hype it and create fake game rumors. Apparently, the Direct Mini means the Switch will only be supported with B games and ports for the entire year, despite the fact the presentation only showed games for the beginning of 2018. The company is running a victory lap at the moment due to the fact their new product is doing mind-blowingly well. The Switch outsold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales during December, so many new owners are just being able to experience the magic of this console. However, for those who have owned the system since day one, these two new titles and a few remasters aren’t enough to hold them over until further announcements. Heck, gamers who don’t even own the Switch are crying doom and gloom.

With the announcement of Nintendo Labo, the naysayers are spiraling into a constant cycle of criticism. For those who don’t know, Nintendo Labo is a way of combining cardboard kits with the Switch. Interesting creations can be put together such as pianos, RC cars, and more. The new initiative has been received positively by kids around the globe, as well as many adults. Despite the fact Nintendo specifically stated Labo is for kids, some are upset this is what the company is announcing instead of the games which cater to them. “Nintendo isn’t talking about the new AAA games I want, and they’re giving me cardboard instead?”


Expectations are deadly. So many fans are chomping at the bit to see what Nintendo has in store for 2018, and can’t be glad for what they’ve already accomplished with the Switch in its first 10 months. Because Nintendo hasn’t announced four new big budget exclusives and new IP for the year, the company is doomed. Nevermind the fact the Switch is still in its first year. Nevermind the fact we’re 19 days into January. The same “critics” who spouted off about the system not having any games in 2017 are continuing their same rhetoric.

Can you honestly tell me Nintendo will leave their brand new record breaking system in 2018 high and dry as far as first party games go? Just because the company hasn’t broadcasted new blockbuster games during their mini presentation in January doesn’t mean they have nothing. They’ve done a wonderful job of pacing their announcements so far. The Direct Mini showcased what Switch owners can expect for the first few months of 2018, with the standalone Nintendo Labo reveal being a separate announcement aimed towards kids.

Industry insider Emily Rogers stated this regarding speculation of the rumored Nintendo announcement last week, which became known as Nintendo Labo:

I think we’ve been a bit spoiled by Nintendo Directs. Because the truth is, not every Nintendo game announcement requires a big general Direct or even a Mini-sized Direct. Sometimes uploading and dumping a short video or trailer on YouTube is more than enough to create a ton of buzz for a product. (Example: See the short Switch reveal video)

“If there is any announcement this week, don’t automatically assume that it’s a Direct or a Mini-Direct. There is such a thing as a short trailer uploaded on YouTube, ya know.

Well said, Ms. Rogers. Nintendo could very well announce Animal Crossing for Switch tomorrow via Twitter. The company could upload a new teaser for Metroid Prime 4 next week on YouTube. Pikmin 4 could be announced while you’re reading these words. There’s also the possibility all of these announcements will be saved for E3 in June. The bottom line is, we don’t know the specifics. We do know this, however: Nintendo will not leave their console alone in 2018. Just because the entertainment giant hasn’t shown their hand 19 days into January doesn’t mean Switch will not be supported. But don’t listen to me, Nintendo is doomed. …Right?…