The ONLY Joy-Con Drift Fix Your Switch Will EVER Need!

Joy-Con Drift is a real issue millions of Switch owners have dealt with. There are tons of solutions, from air cans and toothbrushes to re-calibration and updating your joy-cons firmware. However, these solutions seem to always be temporary. The only permanent solution seems to be to just buy a new stick and replace the old one.

That is until today. I have discovered a method of fixing joy-con drift that is cheap, effective, and long lasting. Best part is, it doesn’t involve taking apart your joy-con, or buying a whole new set! I detail this in the video below:

The short version, is to use Fast Drying Electrical Contact Cleaner. Here is the one I used to fix my drifting right here:

Many have reported, including yours truly right here, that this actually leads to the Joy-cons working for many months on end without further drifting issues. Of course, this isn’t a solution that will keep your joy-cons alive forever. Unfortunately, Joy-Con drift is caused due to extremely poor joystick design. There are pieces of graphite that take in all registered movements of the stick and these pieces of graphite do get damaged over time just from regular use. The method used in the video above does temporarily “repair” that damage by putting a coating over the damage and smoothing it out, making the controller register properly.

However, the damage will eventually be so severe, it cannot be fixed and only a true replacement of the joystick or the entire controller becomes the last resort. This is an unfortunate design flaw that no “fix” can actually take care of without replacing parts. This is important to note here, as the solution here appears to be the most tried and proven method to prolong the life of your Joycon, but it won’t last forever. Each time you need to apply this coating, which most report takes 4 to 6 months to wear off, there is more and more damage done and the coating won’t last at long.

This solution should be looked at as a method to extend the life of your joy-con for an extra year or two before needing to be replaced, not as a life saver to a flawed design.