The NES Classic Edition Had a Sale Every 18 Seconds on Ebay Day 1


To say the NES Classic Edition has been hard to find is putting things lightly. Nintendo hasn’t had demand outweigh supply like this really since the days the Wii launched. It is true certain amiibo were hard to get too, but you could still find certain other amiibo. This is a blanket sellout to the likes the Wii suffered for almost an entire year spanning from the end of 2006 through the end of 2007.

Many of you are likely frustrated by the fact you can’t get one, but here is something to throw on top of that frustration – on launch day an NES Classic Edition was selling literally every 18 seconds. While some legit retailers do sell new products at retail prices through ebay, to sell that fast means the scalping community was having a field day. Even as I write this, the NES Classic Edition is still selling on eBay, with several bids on units topping $180 with the average go for price sitting at $200 (USD). Considering the retail price is just $60, that is a pretty massive haul for scalpers.

We found out about the every 18 second sales thanks to eBay themselves:

“eBay is the destination for hard-to-find consoles, from the rare and vintage variety, to hot trending options, like the Nintendo NES Classic Edition,” Jay Hanson, eBay’s Vice President of North America Merchandising, Hard Goods, told Polygon. “Customers rely on eBay to offer a great selection of items that are difficult to find elsewhere. Specific with the NES Classic Edition, we sold one every 18 seconds on its release day.”

That is simply insane. While sales are slowing down as more units make it to retail, it’s clear that ebay is still the most convenient way right now to buy a unit in time for the holidays. That is if you’re willing to fork over the extra money. That being said, prices have dropped somewhat. On day one, the system was selling for around $230 on eBay, so an average price of $200 is a bit of savings! (yeah, we know)

Nintendo has promised a steady flow of NES Classic Editions throughout at least the end of the year, so my suggestion is to keep checking in with your local retail outlets and possibly hawk-eyeing online retail stores.


Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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