The Future of Nintendo Prime in 2018 and Beyond

What a year. 2017 is coming to a close and now more than any other time in Nintendo Prime history feels like a great time for reflection. Since launching this site in 2016, the goals I had for Nintendo Prime have massively shifted. Back then, I was hoping to build this site into a news and original content behemoth. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and the site is pretty barren (with an outdated layout too boot) and now most of my energy is spent working on our YouTube channel and Patreon.

To say we have turned into more of a video influencer/youtuber would be an understatement. Our Patreon has crossed the $300 threshold this year exclusively with YouTube related stretch goals and our YouTube channel has ballooned to 30,000+ subscribers. We release at least one video every single day and on good days we’re getting 2 and sometimes 3 videos out. We have active live streams and dedicated fans the world over.

All of this sounds amazing, but it also left this site completely in the dust? Why? Let me explain: Simply put, this website doesn’t actually make any money.

I know, money isn’t everything, but as a family man I have to prioritize my free time to where the money is at, especially as I have found myself massively enjoying creating video content. My dream for this site died a long time ago, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a future to be had here and it doesn’t mean I am going to jump ship and get rid of the website. Rather, Nintendo Prime to me is a massive entity that spans across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and yes right here at It’s a spread I wish to expand upon and one of the first places to experience that growth is right here.

Without further ado, first let’s recap our first full year as a site and youtube entity:

Site Growth

We had a grand total of 254,000 viewers of the site this year pushing through 510,000 pageviews. For a site that was virtually dead half the year, that’s relatively impressive and shows why we should continue to try something special right here.

YouTube Growth

We gained 13,000 subscribers total and had some crazy statistics for this year. Our videos served 3,056,007 total views. Our videos were shared over 10,000 times, we had nearly 70,000 likes on those videos and 60,000 comments. As you can see, crazy numbers, ones I think we could easily surpass in 2018.

So what’s next?

Renewed Dedication to… With a Plan!

One thing has become increasingly obvious over this past year – I cannot be a full time youtuber while also maintaining a full blown news behemoth of a website. It’s just not possible, and I do enjoy making videos far more than getting 20 different little news pieces out every single day. That means my vision for what this site can be needs to drastically shift. As such, here is the new plan for this site in 2018:

  • We will no longer be trying to post every single news piece under the sun. Instead there will be a daily summary post with all of the biggest news from that day. One single post that recaps the news for the entire day. It will be simple to navigate and everything will be sourced.
  • We will still have some individual news get it’s own post, especially during events like Nintendo Directs and E3. Generally this is going to be news I wish to do something with. IE, given it the ol’ YouTube treatment, which involves creating original thoughts and discussion around that given piece of news. So if I create a video for a piece of news, that video will get it’s own post here.
  • A greater focus will be spent on creating original content. Yes, I create tons of videos, but I want to ensure every episode of podcast goes live on this site, every new unique video feature, and yes, even some sparing editorial work.

All of this is a fairly simplified version of what I wanted this site to be, but I needed to create something here that is manageable all on my own. I want this place to feel like a connected extension of YouTube just like I want Youtube to feel like an extension of the site. Merging some of that content together for ease of access is always a plus and it will be reflected in a new layout that will be launched early in the year.

So we’ll have all the news, just at a single point in the day (I will try to ensure it’s at a set time on a regular schedule) and most of the rest of the stuff we post will be filled with original Nintendo content.

What About That Growing YouTube Channel?


Obviously, YouTube is and will always remain the “#1 focus” as it is what pays the bills currently. But beyond that I really enjoy it. That being said we can always be better and here are some things you can look forward to in 2018:

  • Twice per week, we are going to have a live news cast. This will be a live show broadcasted on YT exclusively (so we can take advantage of their scheduler) that breaks down all the news from that happened since the last show to the current that matters, taking in live feedback and creating a dialogue. Each show will be exactly 1 hour long and happen at noon. The exact days have not been picked out yet. It will feature just me at first, but there is potential for a guest host or even a co-host down the line should something work out. Launch date is still just ETA 2018.
  • A new show called Arguing With Myself will be launching in 2018. Come hell or high water.
  • Live Podcast! This is a separate podcast from the Nintendo Prime Podcast. Not only will it be live via “google hangouts”, it will be 100% fan generated topics of discussion with a small Q and A segment. Launch date is still ETA 2018 as I have to work out who the regular guests will be. The Nintendo Prime Podcast will continue as is, as a pre-recorded thing that focuses heavily on discussion around news and game announcements.
  • New formats? We will be playing around with formats for our existing style of videos throughout 2018 until we settle on something we like. We want to be on camera a majority of the time and will need to work out various recording environments and styles to fit each type of video. We also wont’ 100% abandon voice over over gameplay, but will keep that intact for smaller videos that are fast as possible style updates.
  • GAME REVIEWS! As we hit our patreon goal for game reviews, starting in January 2018 we will be reviewing at least 1 game per month chosen by our patrons. We will also conversely have the script for the review available as a “text” version of the review at

I have an idea in my mind for when I plan to launch all these things as I cannot simply just jump out the gate in 2018 with zillions of new content. For now the roadmap is currently to get game reviews started in January, Arguing With Myself launched in February, the live news show started up in March, and the Live podcast started in April. Things could change as we have a patreon goal for the new live news show that can make the show arrive sooner and as we all know, life happens. I am one individual and unexpected delays can occur.

As always I am looking for your feedback and your desires for what we ultimately become in 2018. I want to thank each and every one of you as well for joining me and sometimes enduring the journey this year. Whether you’re from facebook, twitter, youtube, or for some reason a long time site viewer, you all have inspired me to the heights we are at now and can attain next year.

Thank you so much for everything.

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

A veteran in the video game media sphere, Nathanial co-founded Gamnesia, founded, ran the news the segment on the Zelda Universe Podcast, found and ran Zelda Domain from 1998 to 2006, and built Zelda Informer as the Editor-in-Chief from 2008 to 2017. He now owns and operates Nintendo Prime. You can follow him on twitter @NateJanc, otherwise just stay tuned at Nintendo Prime for more of his work.