The Nintendo Switch is right around the corner as we’re close to being exactly one month out from release. Naturally most of the release hype is about Breath of the Wild, but we really shouldn’t be forgetting all the other fantastic titles already announced. Today I wanted to poll together our fan base and see which game they are truly excited about the most. While I suspect Breath of the Wild will take the cake, I can see games like Super Mario Odyssey making a strong push too.

I am probably most excited about Breath of the Wild personally, but I am more intrigued by 1 2 Switch. That’s simply because 1 2 Switch is basically the proving ground for the improved motion controls and HD rumble, two features that if they are as good as Nintendo touted them to be, could be secret weapons for this console in terms of increased immersion. Let us know in the poll and comments below which game you’re most excited about for Switch!

What Switch Game Are You Most Excited For Right Now?

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