The ? Block: Should Nintendo Remaster More Wii U Games for Switch?

The Wii U is officially dead. I’ll always remember the console for having some of my favorite games all held on a single platform, so for this ? block my answer is pretty obvious. Currently we have one confirmed Wii U remaster heading to Switch in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. We have yet to know how well the game fully translates with the new characters, modes, and potential tracks, but if we’re being honest… Mario Kart 8 was already one of the best entries in the series, and thus the deluxe version on Switch is most likely fantastic as well.

Still, should the boat stop there? Instead of remaster Splatoon, we got a highly anticipated sequel in Splatoon 2, but there are some games that appeared on Wii U that could simply be brought over. There is one more Wii U game heading to Switch as well, that being Lego City Undercover, but we as of yet don’t know if that is a remaster or really a straight port. Given how fantastic that game is and how little run it got with the Wii U install base, I think it could see a nice second life on Switch either way.

However, the question still remains. Forget porting, should the Nintendo Switch see more and more Wii U games remastered for it?

  • Chris Jagucki

    Yes, I would like to see more remasters of Wii U games for the Switch, and I feel a game like Hyrule Warriors would do very well with the improved hardware of the Switch because it would greatly decrease or eliminate the enemy pop-in that it is very notorious for having.

    • MohsinQureshi

      not too sure about the pop in. nintendo games seem to have terrible draw distance. (xenoblade chronicles X, Dragon quest 7-8, etc)

  • memu

    All I want is Splatoon (which we’ll be getting in the form of Splatoon 2), Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Maker, which is the only one they haven’t announced.

  • WakY

    How about 3DS games? Would the newer versions of OOT and MM from the 3DS be able to be remastered for the Switch? I would like to see that and possibly offer both games on one cart.

  • MohsinQureshi

    i would love to see more wii u games just thrown onto the switch. honestly i think the wii u should have been the switch. instead of a gamepad with terrible range, it should have been exactly what the switch is. i thinking is like this because the gamepad was SO POORLY implemented. For instance, first party games – mario kart 8 – if you’re doing local multiplayer, guess what, the gamepad isn’t the screen for the person using it. instead you get literally the tv mirrored onto a rather washed out display. or if say you’re playing smash or any other game using a wii remote/pro controller – the gamepad will turn on by default and drain its battery away. it shouldn’t do that at all. there was a lot of potential there, but hopefully switch is more for traditional gaming rather than “new ways to play”

    If gaming was terrible the way it is, people wouldn’t be gaming so much these days. The only reason you’d want new ways to play is if you need to bring more people to gaming.

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