On December 1st, The Game Awards 2016 will kick off awarding games, game makers, and fans across the world for their achievements over the past year. It’s a show I have personally grown to appreciate, as it treats the video game medium and its fans with immense respect. Ultimately, the awards themselves don’t technically mean anything to us as consumers – we all like what we like and whether or not it wins an award likely has nothing to do with purchasing decisions.

Yet, game of the year style awards are some of the biggest things debated about among fans around this time of the year. The Game Awards 2016 has possibly become the defacto industry goto for them now, but many different sites and YouTubers will have their own similar awards. The question I have is – do you actually care about these yearly events? I think things like The Game Awards have done a great service to make me care, but I often wonder – if the event didn’t have new trailers and game announcements, would I even watch?

That’s the question I pose to you today on a new feature at Nitnendo Prime, The ? Block. Do you care about yearly video game awards?

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    OWM90 says:
    "idly buy" "one of the thiefs" Please proof read your articles in future if you wish to be taken se...
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    Chris Jagucki says:
    This Edition might get a preorder discount later on. Both the Standard and Collectors Editions are c...
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    hyrules says:
    Were they really that much shorter in Wind waker? honestly those are some of my favorite dungeons, s...
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    Sean Michael-Patrick Thompson says:
    I was optimistic about the Wii U despite not really understanding the messaging at the time. I basi...
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    Umad? says:
    I don't know what you're trying to ask, but Valentines day is meant for romance and love and stuff....