Tatsumi Kimishima States Nintendo Will Increase Switch Production, Pre-Orders are Good

The Nintendo Switch is already exceeding Nintendo’s internal projections and expectations, at least according to Tatsumi Kimishima, President and CEO of Nintendo of Japan. In financial results briefing in Japan today, he stated that the pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch are “good so far” and that they are going to ramp up Switch production to meet the current demand.

Nintendo did say they had a plan in place to up production should their initial shipment and projections be too low for demand, likely to not recreate the issues the Wii had where it was nearly impossible to find it out store shelves for over a year. Still, the fact they are already ramping up production suggests that demand has far exceeded their initial shipment of two million units during launch month worldwide.

Essentially, Switch is going to be off to a pretty great start. The question is, what will Nintendo do to maintain the momentum?

Source: Twitter