Take a Look at This Dragon Quest XI Footage for 3DS and Maybe Nintendo Switch

New footage was released for the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest, courtesy of NHK that included a type of interview with the makers of Dragon Quest XI. The interview is more like a commentary on the development of the game, and is rather interesting to follow. The commentary is in Japanese, but some of the comments include talk of various aspects of the game, such as what players can expect to encounter and what lies ahead for the character embarking on the journey. They later delve into aspects of game design that are harder to translate into English. Regardless, the game looks amazing so far.

Other than the talks on development and character creation, the viewer can clearly see the game being played on a 3DS. There was also a portion of the video that had footage from the game displayed on a laptop that was blurred out, so it could possibly be for a different system that cannot be shown yet, like the Switch, or, it could be a part of the game that the developers do not want the audience to see yet. There was no mention of the Switch made within this particular video, however.

Either way, Dragon Quest XI looks like an amazing game that is progressing nicely. The game is set to launch later in 2017 in Japan. Let us know your thoughts on this development in the comment section below!

  • ExSiegfried

    so much hype in this game. of the confirm dark souls for switch i’ll be buying it day 1 for sure.

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