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A Fresh Look at Sonic Forces


Today IGN released some brand new footage for Sonic Forces, which admittedly has the weight of the Sonic series resting on its shoulders after the massive success that is Sonic Mania. The video features a look at the new drill and lightning skills and how they change up the Sonic format in a pretty significant way as well as a look at the Space Port level of the game.

Overall I’d say the game looks solid here, but I need to have it in my hands to really see how well these levels play. It’s definitely and interesting blend, especially with custom character created stuff involved.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is Getting a New Comic Series in April 2018

SEGA is looking to build on top of the positive reaction and sales of Sonic Mania as well as the hype for Sonic Forces by releasing a new comic early next year. Similar to Sonic Mania, which was built by long time fans of the Sonic series hired on by SEGA, the comic itself is being written by Ian Flynn another well known Sonic fan from the fan community. Here’s the details from IDW Publishing, who is handling the creation of the comic:

Sonic the Hedgehog™ and IDW Publishing are excited to reveal today that fan favorite scribe, Ian Flynn, has come on board to take the blue blur and his friends in a fresh, exciting direction.

“I’ve been a SEGA® kid for life, and Sonic has been my career for over a decade,” said Flynn...

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Check Out This Gameplay Footage of Sonic Forces

Kotaku recently got to show off some gameplay footage of Sonic Forces, an upcoming Sonic game that appears to go back to the roots of the series. The gameplay shown goes through a few different stages and displays just how faceted Sonic Forces is.

The stages shown are the Modern Sonic stage, the Classic Sonic Stage, and the Avatar Stage. The Modern Sonic stage is laid out like a modern day Sonic game would be. The Classic Sonic stage takes on the feel of the original Sonic the Hedgehog title. Finally, the Avatar Stage seems to allow the player to create their own Sonic character and complete stages using that character.

Sonic Forces seems like an entry that fans of the series can anticipate bringing back some of Sonic’s former glory.


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Here’s a New Trailer for Sonic Forces, Plus New Screenshots & Details

Sonic Forces is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year, so it wouldn’t be an E3 if we didn’t get even more information about the game. First, here’s the latest trailer straight from E3 2017:

And of course, here are some fresh details:

Join the Uprising

From the team that brought you Sonic Colors and Generations, comes the next exciting title in the Sonic franchise, Sonic Forces. Experience fast-paced action as Modern Sonic, thrilling platforming as Classic Sonic, and utilize powerful new gadgets as your own custom Hero Character. Help Sonic fight back to reclaim the world from Dr. Eggman and a powerful, mysterious new villain.


  • Three types of gameplay: Fast paced action as Modern Sonic, thrilling platforming as Classic Sonic, and utilize powerful gadgets as your own custom H...
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Is Sonic Forces’ Character Creator a Good Thing? – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 25 (Part 3)

Sonic Forces is letting people create their own character for the first time in Sonic history. Eric Mohr and yours truly react and discuss if this is a positive step forward for the franchise and if Sonic Forces can be the game that brings Sonic back to the forefront of gaming.

As a side note, I hope you folks can agree that the audio issues “seem” to be behind us *crosses fingers*. The last issue to sort out isn’t equipment related, but simply us ensuring we have much better mic presence to hold the consistency of the audio. We’re also still playing around with the idea of a regular or rotating third person for the cast, but I have no updates on that front just yet.

As always, we have the full audio version of this podcast below:

Download (Right-Click, Save As) | iTunes

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Sonic Forces Will Let You Create Your Own Character – New Footage, Screenshots, and Details

For the first time in Sonic history, you will be able to create your own custom character in Sonic Forces. There is a trailer for it above, but here are some additional details:

“In this just announced gameplay style, players will be equipping their custom Hero Character with one of a variety of powerful unique gadgets called Wispons. Wispons are an evolution of the Color Powers from Sonic Colors and double as both offensive abilities and as a way to platform through levels quickly. Along with the Wispon, the Hero Character will have a grappling hook they can utilize to quickly traverse across zones...

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Sonic Forces Gets a New Gameplay Trailer for Classic Sonic Green Hill Zone

Sonic Forces definitely is peaking my interest the more and more I see of it, and seeing some remastered old school territories like Green Hill Zone is definitely doing the trick. In the gameplay video above, you’ll quickly see how Sonic Forces is so far shaping up on the correct path to success. Sonic Forces will head to Nintendo Switch later this year.

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Here’s Three New Screenshots for Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year and SEGA has just sent out three additional screenshots for the game. Unfortunately, the screenshots were not sent in their full resolution, but you still get a look at Sonic in action and what appears to be a brand new enemy.

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Sonic 2017 is Now Called Sonic Forces – Here’s Some Gameplay and Details

We finally had the lid blown off the Sonic 2017 project coming to Nintendo Switch. We now know the game is called Sonic Forces and we learned a slew of details about the game thanks to a big panel at SXSW. Before we get down into a breakdown of select details from that event, here’s our first off screen look at the game in action:

Here’s ma rundown of information we’ve had come to light throughout the day:

  • Is an evolution of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations
  • 3 unique gameplay styles will be included, including “modern Sonic” & “classic Sonic”
  • Built with a new engine called Hedgehog Engine 2, which is a massive evolution of their old engine
  • Global illumination, physical rendering, and other new enhancements are being added into some of their older visual designs
  • SEGA’s Shun Nakamura is ...
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Sonic Mania is Releasing on Switch the Same Time as Other Consoles, Pricing and Performance Parity

Sonic Mania has some old school Sonic fans excited for good reason, and now Nintendo Switch owners can rest easy knowing they will not be paying more for less, nor will they need to worry about waiting to get ahold of Sonic Mania while the rest of the world plays it. In an interview with Nintendo World Report, SEGA’s Aaron Webber stated that Sonic Mania would release on Switch the same time it releases elsewhere, that the pricing is going to be exactly the same, and better yet that the game has no performances hits or differences on Switch in comparison to other platforms.

This isn’t wholly surprising of course, but this “non-news” comes at a time where there is some ongoing conversations around the web that third party titles could cost more and run worse on Switch...

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