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Check Out These Slick Nintendo Classic Edition (NES Mini) Accessories


The Nintendo Classic Edition is set to launch this coming Friday for $59.99 USD with an included 30 games from its original run. The system itself features no cartridge slot and comes with one controller included within the box. If you want to amp up your experience, however, there are a few accessories already set to launch for the mini system.

Thanks to 3rd party companies like Nyko, EMiO’s, and Hyperkin we have some better controllers to pick from. Now the company “My Arcade” has started production on some gameplay enhancing accessories for your NES Classic.

Extender Cable (Retail: $9.99): The extender cable will hook to your controller to give you 10ft of extra play room. This cable will also be compatible with your Wii and Wii U systems.

Gamepad Pro (Retail: $19.99): Designed ...

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