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Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates 6 Month Anniversary With Various Updates

Fire Emblem Heroes just had a FEH Channel video showing their plans for Fire Emblem Heroes for the summer and their six month anniversary.

There is going to be a new Bound Hero Battle featuring Lilina and Celilia. You earn orbs when you beat them the first time at each difficulty. This will begin August 7.

For the next Grand Hero Battle, it will feature Valter. He is equipped with Curse Lance. Curse Lance is exclusive to this character. He will be available late August.

The next Tempest Trials event, Reunited At Last, will focus on Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This will being August 11.

Tempest Trials will also have new features and changes. It will have continuous auto battle. Auto battle will last till you finish all maps or your team is defeated...

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Fire Emblem Makes $100M+ From 10M Downloads

In a blog post at Deconstructor Of Fun, Anil Das-Gupta analyzes how Fire Emblem Heroes has come to make over $100 million in about 5 months. There has been 6.1 million downloads from the Apple App Store and that made $61.5 million. In the Google Play Store, there has been 5.6 million downloads and that made $53.4 million. Most of the fan base comes from Japan with 66% playing the game and USA comes in second with 24%. Here’s a look at the graph:

Source: Deconstructor of Fun

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Nintendo Unveils Plans for Fire Emblem Heroes’ Future


Fire Emblem Heroes is a recently released mobile game. It plays like a classic Fire Emblem game and features characters spanning the series. Recently, in an interview with IGN, the game’s director reveals plans for the future of the mobile game:

We plan to add new stories continually after release, at a pace of about two a month or one every two weeks…We also plan to add things like new characters and skills, as well as new game modes that go in different directions from the current gameplay. – Kouhei Maeda

It appears Fire Emblem Heroes will have a lot of content added to it to keep the game interesting. How do you feel about this update? React in the comments!

Source: IGN

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Data Miners Find Christmas Designs in Fire Emblem Heroes

Following the recent release of the new Fire Emblem Heroes game on mobile devices, we got some pretty cool news. Our friendly neighborhood data miners decided to take a look around in the game’s code and found some artwork of the characters in Christmas themed outfits. The featured characters in the artwork are Robin and Tharja.

This eludes to the artwork being made earlier on when Nintendo anticipated an earlier release date for the mobile game. Hopefully this time around we can see the costumes officially make their way into the game. Stay tuned with Nintendo Prime for more news on Fire Emblem Heroes!

Source: Neogaf

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Fire Emblem Heroes Makes $2.9 Million on it’s First Day

It’s safe to say Fire Emblem Heroes is a runaway success so far. According to SensorTower, Fire Emblem Heroes made $2.9 million during it’s launch day on both iOS and Android, with over 2 million downloads of the game. We can also see for ourselves how successful the game is today by examining the iOS and Google Play charts. For iOS at the time of this writing it currently ranks at #11 for top downloaded free apps and #11 in gross revenue, just ahead of Candy Crush. On the Google Play store, it ranks #1 in downloads but doesn’t appear in the top 50 grossing apps (possibly that revenue isn’t as up to date)

Still, $2.9 million in a single day is extremely impressive.

Source: SensorTower

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Fire Emblem Heroes Preview Highlights Polish, Quality, and More

Fire Emblem Heroes arrives on smart devices in just a couple days. While a slew of information seems to be coming out today about the game (more on this in another post), the first thing we want to highlight is a rather excellent preview/overview by the folks over at Polygon. They were not allowed to record video of the game itself, but they were allowed to take screenshots. Thus, what they did was make a video displaying the screenshots and explaining what is going on, how everything works, and why this feels like a true Fire Emblem game.

What is quickly noticeable is that this game features a high level of polish. Maybe that isn’t too surprising to veteran fans of Nintendo, but it’s nice to see that Nintendo is taking the high road in how it approaches games on the smart device platform...

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Fire Emblem Heroes Will Have Money Spending Limits on Minors in Japan

Laws in Japan dictate that minors should only be able to spend a certain amount of money in a game each month. This is not only to protect the minor itself, but it also helps protect parents who may have allowed their child at some point to use their card to buy something in a game. Fire Emblem Heroes is going to adhering to these laws and only allow minors to spend 12,000 Yen per month, which equates to roughly $105 USD. Of course, personally that’s still an awful lot of money to spend in a single month on one game, but there are many stories out there where minors have charged thousands to their accounts, so this is certainly better than that.

I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing these restrictions come to the United States...

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Fire Emblem: Heroes Announced For Android and iOS, Releases February 2nd

The Nintendo Fire Emblem Direct has more information on the Fire Emblem series. Heroes is a mobile game in which various heroes become the player’s allies. The heroes are from across various Fire Emblem entries. There are simple controls, which are done via touch screen. The heroes are identified by their attributes. New heroes can be summoned using orbs, which can be found throughout the game. Orbs are also available at an additional cost. There is an event going on at the official Fire Emblem website.

Stages are cleared when every enemy is defeated, and heroes level up. The battle system appears to be similar to a classic Fire Emblem style. There are also hero battles that are timed, and if the player is successful, the hero will be added to the player’s allies...

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