Switchmas Eve (Top 5 Desires for Switch) – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 012

January 12th and 13th (aka, Switchmas) is almost upon us. We have some big plans for the event, as it’s sort of our coming out party. Sure we’ve been alive and kicking since November 2016, but we’ve sat here truly waiting for the big Switch event to really dive into the deep end of what Nintendo Prime will ultimately become. Why? Because Nintendo Prime represents a fresh start in my life, and this podcast is an intricate part of that.

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This week Eric and myself talk almost exclusively about all the Switch rumors leading up to the event before diving into each of our own top 5 desires (some would call them pipe dreams) for Switchmas. From the return of Conker and Rogue Squadron, to new IP’s and spec sheets, we cover a wide range of desires of which it’s entirely possible none of them come true.

On January 12th around 9pm CST, Eric and myself will be live streaming our Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook page simultaneously for a pre-show lead up to the one hour Switch event hosted in Japan. We’ll also be all over all the latest news from the event and Nintendo Treehouse stream on the 13th, followed up by a fresh podcast, reactions, and analysis.

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