Switch Won’t Have Netflix, Other Multimedia Features, at Launch

This is quite interesting. According to Business Insider, they claim Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis told them that the Switch won’t have many multimedia functions at launch, using Netflix as an example of something that won’t be there.

This is a bit shocking, given Wii U had Netflix at launch and even 3DS supports it. It’s possible the Wii U may have a web browser capable of running videos off sites like Netflix, but that’s obviously not the same experience.

It can’t be emphasized enough that Kit Ellis specifically said “at launch”, which suggests they would probably have all these multimedia features at some point in the future. My guess? When they launch the paid online account system, which they will likely lock all these multimedia applications behind.

Source: Business Insider


  • Ty Trego

    lol. This article could use some editing.

    • Michael

      You mean the article could use a source. Just compare the US version of BI with their other localized versions like the German one and you might figure out what news and journalism actually mean.

    • Chris

      you mean this article could use an article, a paragraph isn’t an article 😀

  • Chad Persaud

    The writing in this article is horrible.

  • Joshua Barger

    Well that’s dumb. I don’t remember having to Pay to use Netflix on literally any other gaming system. If Netflix is locked behind a paid service, I’m gonna be pissed.

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