Switch UI Video Shows off Avatars and Mii Maker

Did you hear that somehow a handful of people got Nintendo Switch units that essentially “fell off the truck?”. No, that’s not meant to be taken literally. While review versions of the Switch have been sent out to some media outlets, strict NDA’s prevent much of the information gleaned from having the systems in hand from releasing just yet. However, there are also others who “know someone” at retail outlets that got early shipments who, well, broke the law in most countries by giving their “friends” a Switch. Sometimes folks, this is why we can’t have nice things.

However, there really isn’t much you can do with a Switch without games as the eShop itself is held back for a day one update – probably because of this exact fear becoming reality. That being said, one of the lucky people who “know someone” recorded a video of the Switch UI, specifically the part where you can choose an avatar or make a Mii.

Personally, they didn’t really show enough of Mii Maker to get me excited about the new stuff (they stuck with mostly defaults), but they did show that even the default avatars have a bit of customization to them.

The biggest take away though is obviously how simplistic the UI is. If that wasn’t enough, a few days back someone showed off other aspects of the UI:

Ignore the TV resolution spot – the system isn’t docked so it means little here. Still, the overall UI feels very simple and easy to get – a bit refreshing compared to other UI’s out there. What do you think?