Nintendo has achieved the seemingly impossible task of selling more of a game than actual hardware units. Given that every single Nintendo Switch to hit store shelves in the United States has sold out, reality is that the #1 launch game in Nintendo history has actually somehow sold more copies than systems that exist. The NPD report for March has come out and while Nintendo doesn’t typically give exact figures, due to the immense success of the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild, they are using this time to boast a bit about their best launch month for software and hardware ever.

The Nintendo Switch sold 906,000 units in North America alone during March, while also selling 925,000 copies of Breath of the Wild on Switch. Overall, Breath of the Wild sold 1.3 million copies during March, meaning the Wii U version tallied a pretty healthy 460,000+ units during the month. Here is what Nintendo had to say on these amazing sales figures:

“Nintendo always strives to offer consumers something fun, new and different. With its various play modes and the innovative features of the Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo Switch provides unique experiences that people can take with them anywhere and share with anyone.”

“While Nintendo Switch sales are off to a record-breaking start, shipments have not yet been able to keep up with such high demand. Nintendo is working to make sure everyone who wants a system is able to buy one, and more systems are continually being shipped.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

Nintendo did go on to state they would unveil full world wide sales in their fiscal year financial report on April 27th. Unfortunately, sales data was not provided for any other Nintendo Switch title at this time.

Source: Nintendo PR