Switch Sells 390,000 Units in France, On Pace to Match Wii

We’ve seen how well the Switch has been selling every single week in places like Japan and the UK, and in North America we get a monthly sales update that while it doesn’t always contain exact figures, at least give us an idea of how well the Switch is performing. However, outside of those three major territories we don’t get to hear sales updates from elsewhere very often. Today that changed, as French publication Les Echoes was given sales figures for the Switch, and they are pretty impressive,

The Switch to date has sold nearly 390,000 units in France. That may seem paltry compared to larger gaming territories like Japan and the United States, but in France this puts the Switch well on pace to match the overall sales numbers of the Nintendo Wii. Anytime sales figures can be compared to Nintendo’s best selling home console ever, it’s nothing but a great sign.\

A fun fact about those 390,000 units is that they contain an 80% attach rate for Breath of the Wild. This may not be surprising, considering during the launch month world wide Breath of the Wild on Switch actually outsold the system itself.

I am very curious to hear what other games have done in the territory and where their hype levels are for Super Mario Odyssey.

Source: Les Echoes

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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