Switch Joycons Do Not Have Problems Staying Connected, Electronics Hitting Concrete is the Issue

There was some concern flying around the internet this week that the Joycons on the Nintendo Switch had an issue staying connected to the console. This came about because the folks at Giant Bomb showed how easily the Joycons could be knocked off the system without pressing the buttons. As testing of the machine wasn’t complete yet on their end, they had some concern that this could be a real problem. What was lost in all of this is that Jeff provided some context as well, admitting he dropped the console with the Joycons attached by accident in the studio, which as solid concrete floors.

Thus, they openly stated they weren’t sure if this was a fault of the system, or that they had actually broken it themselves. They have finally confirmed thanks to getting their hands on another Switch unit that indeed, they broke the locking mechanism on the Joycons themselves, which seems to be a plastic nub that is now pushed too far into the Joycons to lock properly.

Long story short, don’t drop your Switch unit on concrete. That being said, this obviously does point out that the system may be able to take a literal beating (the actual console is just fine), but that doesn’t mean all parts that attach too it can. Nintendo consoles have traditionally been among the most durable in the world, surviving insane drop tests. Of course, most phones, tablets, and other portable devices would all break being dropped on concrete too.

Source: Twitter

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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