Switch is Getting VR & a Cheap Online Subscription Price – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 15 (Part 2 & 3)

Well, this was unexpected. After a short conversation with Zelda Informer owner Mases a couple days ago, we have been given control over the Zelda Informer YouTube channel. What I mean to say is, that channel has been literally given to Nintendo Prime. As such, we’ve had a couple days of inactivity around these parts while things were being sorted out. The channel has now been rebranded as our new official Nintendo Prime YouTube channel. That means today, we have two parts of the Nintendo Prime Podcast for you covering the last couple of days worth of content.

Part 2 is the video above, which is where Eric and yours truly talk about the fact that Switch is getting VR. It’s fitting the third part below is also here, given that in that same VR report we also announced Switch’s online service pricing.

We have the full episode 15 of the podcast available in audio format below:

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