Switch Game Support Has More Than Doubled Since the Reveal

Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser sat down with AListDaily to talk about upcoming Nintendo games and the Nintendo Switch’s instant success story. A lot of the interview is stuff we have heard before, but there were a couple interesting nuggets. Here is what we found to be relevant:

AListDaily: Last year, some people were counting Nintendo out after the Wii U, but the Switch is clearly an early hit. What went right this time?

Doug Bower: Well, we’re pleased with the results so far. There clearly is a demand for the product and we think it’s a combination of factors. First of all, it’s the uniqueness of the platform itself in that it’s a home console that you can pull out and take on the go and play in a variety of different styles. Then there’s the ability to play in different modes with different controllers and with different numbers of players. When you get to the portable nature of it with Tabletop Mode, you can stack a number of Switches around the table so everyone can compete against each other with different perspectives either on one device, or each on their own respective devices. That unique playing proposition is what’s been driving the demand to this point, and then it’s about great content. It started with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was attaching pretty much one-to-one to every unit sold, and then it continues on with the titles we’ve launched since then like Mario Kart 8. So, it’s that combination of unique hardware proposition with some great games that people are looking forward to playing

AListDaily: EA has a separate team working on a special FIFA soccer game for Switch. How is the early success of Switch getting third party publishers interested?

Doug Bowser: Back in February, we announced we had 70 developers or publishers building 100 games. Since that time, each of those numbers has more than doubled, and it runs the gamut from indies all the way to major publishers. At the E3 press conferences, with the exception of Sony, everyone mentioned Nintendo Switch. Even our friends at Microsoft talked about some of the cross-play opportunities. That’s an indication of support, and we thank them and we look forward to it.

Source: AListDaily