Switch Does Have an Activity Log, But it Might Take a Week to “Activate”

Well, one issue with the Switch appears to have been put to bed. One thing folks love having access to is a quick activity log. It lets them see how much time they have spent with a given game. It’s generally not a relevant point for your pure enjoyment of game, but it is great knowing that if you spend 1000+ hours with Breath of the Wild, your friends will be able to marvel at all that free time you have.

There is a catch, though it’s an admittedly small one and I do question why Nintendo put this in here. Most folks are reporting that the data appears one week after you first booted up a game. As I started Breath of the Wild 5 days ago, that means I should be able to see my hours spent with the game this Friday. However, there are conflicting reports on this – some have had their time played data appear on March 5th, a mere two days after launch. A bug? Perhaps, as most everyone else (media included) have had to wait a week.

What is weird about this whole situation, one which makes me wonder why this happens, is that Nintendo hasn’t even talked about it. As great of a job as they have done with marketing the system, Nintendo has been severely lacking in discussing basically anything else about the system that isn’t focused directly on literally playing a game. The OS? Bah, who needs to see that? Activity Logs? Man, why even mention it? The fact we are only just now finding out there are activity logs in the OS is baffling.

If you’re wondering how to access these logs, simply go to your profile. It will show you what games you have played and when you started playing them. After the first week, it will then show you time played. It does appear to count minutes until a certain point, where it only updates every 5 hours of play, and will simply say things like 70+ hours until that happens.

Source: NeoGaf