Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Announced for 3DS

Nintendo further continues their ongoing support for the 3DS with a brand new puzzle action game; Sushi Striker. At face value, the game is exactly what it sounds like. The aim is to “defend your homeland from invading enemies” by using the touch screen to match coloured sushi plates into stacks and launch them at your opponent, with bigger matches causing more damage. You play as a boy or girl depending on preference. It’s the sort of crazy experience we’ve come to express from Nintendo’s smaller new IP’s.


The story? It’s an epic to be sure. Nintendo Treehouse host Teresa described the games plot in a Treehouse gaming session;

The story is, in a post-war setting where two sides have been fighting for the rights to sushi supply, and these mystical beings that really love sushi, or, are masters of sushi exist, um, this boy, (or girl), they leave their village on a very empty stomach and encounter this man, that ends up feeding them sushi for the very first time, and they think that this sushi is the most amazing, delicious food ever. But unfortunately their encounter gets interrupted very quickly, due to a notorious organisation

There was a lot more to it, but you can hear the rest for yourself in the Nintendo Treehouse. Sufficed to say, this game’s plot is a vast departure from the modern epic storytelling of video gaming, but Nintendo has never been one for sticking to the norms, so this is to be expected.


Truth be told, no-one really knows how this game will turn out, but it’s focus on puzzle-action will surely appeal to a sizeable crowd, so Nintendo could have a brand new IP on their hands, for all we know!