Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Retail Copies Have “Leaked”

Whelp, any hope some had about the entirety of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate not having everything leaked onto the internet seems thrown away. Sure, we know a ROM of Pokemon Let’s Go leaked days before release, but that’s atypical of every Pokemon game.

Weeks ahead of time like this with full retail copies? That’s new. A person on Twitter (with a since deleted tweet) threw up images of their physical copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with more mages showing it working on the Switch. The claim? This is a full retail copy from a store that possibly sold them early, even though they were likely being held for pre-stock reasons.

Pre-stocking is done on physical items prior to release weeks in advance when it may take some time (weeks) to get enough stock to said venue in time for the launch. Given the use of Switch physical carts, it makes sense for Nintendo to try and get copies out as soon as possible to maximize available stock for the early December launch. What doesn’t make sense is having them available for purchase right now, or having employees simply steal a copy or two.

So what we’re saying is, be careful out there if you’re trying to avoid spoilers, especially for the new World of Light single player story mode.