Super Mario Odyssey is Almost Finished, Backstory & Stage Information

At the Nintendo Switch Experience over the weekend, Super Mario Odyssey got a stage show feature that unveiled some new details about the game. Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi unveiled that the game itself is actually “considerably finished” and that he wants people to get their hands on it as soon as possible. In fact, the only reason it was not playable at any of the Switch events is because the actual launch of the game isn’t until Holiday 2017.

This is a very interesting point to mention publicly, as you’re essentially admitting the game is basically done and admitting that Nintendo is purposefully holding it back for the holiday season. It’s not shocking that Nintendo is doing this, but typically you don’t openly admit if a game for the holiday period is practically finished this early. It’s highly likely it will first be playable for media and the public at E3 2017.

Moving on, he went on to unveil some new tidbits:

  • The theme of the game is active exploration
  • Story is based around saving Peach from Bowser yet again
  • Mario will travel on a hat shaped ship away from the Mushroom Kingdom to a “certain earth”
  • You will travel across various countries
  • Mario has more facial expressions and the hat still has a secret
  • In the desert, you can explore inside buildings
  • In the forest, they are working on nice looking grass and light shafts… is a very explore-able area
  • In the urban area, you can jump from skyscrapers to the ground. Jump on and off humans (who will react to it)

Source: Nintendo Everything

  • Atrimis

    Game development might be almost finished, but there are still bugs to be tested, that’s why it won’t be out until winter. Also localization, duh.

    • Peraa

      I doubt the localization would take that long, to be honest… Mainline Mario games aren’t exactly known to have deep stories or much dialog.

      • Chris Raybell

        Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. But please do go on about how they don’t have much dialog… I think you need to go play the ‘mainline’ Mario games as you call them.

        • Atrimis

          Not to mention they said they’re going for a longer, sandbox style game, so ya never know, there could be loads of text. Add in hidden rooms with it (which will have to be tested to make sure they’re implemented correctly)
          I mean, localization from Japan to US usually runs about 3 months, and if they’re also adding in many other European countries… just think about it.

  • [email protected]

    Maybe they mean development is almost finished? There’s still the testing phase, QA, game going gold, packaging e.t.c.

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