Square Enix Focusing More Attention on Nintendo Switch Than Xbox Scorpio & Other 2017 Platforms

The Nintendo Switch has been lacking lately in terms of new third party (and first party) game announcements. That’s not too surprising given that we’re just a bit over two months away from the annual E3 event, where a majority of new game announcements are made (at the AAA publisher level, that is). The question now is – what’s next? Well, Square Enix is certainly part of that equation, as they stated to Hakanko-Alt in Japan that of all the new platforms arriving in 2017, Nintendo Switch is the one they are giving the most attention too.

Currently we know they have Octopath Travelers in the works for the system and a Seiken Densetsu collection, but most of the rest of their lineup for Switch is under tight lips at the moment. NieR Automata and Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be obviously two popular titles Nintendo fans would surely love to have on Switch, plus the demand for Kingdom Hearts 3 would be through the roof, especially in portable form.

While we have no idea what they mean by these sentiments, what does appear clear is that even more than Xbox Scorpio, the Nintendo Switch has grabbed their attention enough to dedicate a healthy dose of titles to the system moving forward. Hopefully we learn at E3 just what those titles are.

Source: Hakanko-Alt

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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