Splatoon 2: Release Date, Amiibo and New Game Mode Annouced

After having been announced back in January 2017, Splatoon 2 was finally given a release date in today’s Nintendo Direct. After being given the vague time frame of summer, the date was finally set as July 21, 2017. But that was not the only news brought to us today about Splatoon 2. Alongside the announcement of the release date was a preview of a new game mode and three new amiibo that will be released the same day.

Salmon Run is a new 4 player cooperative game mode that will be added into the game. Inklings take on a part-time job in this game mode where they battle a newly revealed species, the Salmonid, and retrieve Power Eggs. While that might seem simple, the job is made more difficult, and possibly more lethal for the Inklings, when the Steelhead boss Salmonid appears. With it seems to come the objective of defeating it and retrieving Golden Eggs to take back to base.

On top of the announcements of the release date and the new game mode came three new amiibo figures. The new figures are the Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid. With the Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl you will be able to scan them into the game and they will befriend you. They will remember your favorite outfits, weapons, gear, and option settings. This will allow you to quickly switch your outfit with the amiibo figure’s outfit while in the customization screen. It was also stated that you may get special gear from the amiibo figures as a gift but how this works exactly is still unclear. While they are releasing new amiibo figures, the figures released with Splatoon will also be compatible.