Sonic Mania is Releasing on Switch the Same Time as Other Consoles, Pricing and Performance Parity

Sonic Mania has some old school Sonic fans excited for good reason, and now Nintendo Switch owners can rest easy knowing they will not be paying more for less, nor will they need to worry about waiting to get ahold of Sonic Mania while the rest of the world plays it. In an interview with Nintendo World Report, SEGA’s Aaron Webber stated that Sonic Mania would release on Switch the same time it releases elsewhere, that the pricing is going to be exactly the same, and better yet that the game has no performances hits or differences on Switch in comparison to other platforms.

This isn’t wholly surprising of course, but this “non-news” comes at a time where there is some ongoing conversations around the web that third party titles could cost more and run worse on Switch. We’ll take whatever “good-news” that we can on that front. The full interview if you’re interested is below:

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