Skyrim for Switch E3 2017 Trailer Unveils Link amiibo Functionality

Bethesda released their E3 2017 trailer for Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. The biggest reveal in the trailer is that the Link amiibo works with the game, allowing you to dress like Link from Breath of the Wild while wielding the Master Sword. It also shows off how well two joycon motion combat can work (an exclusive for the Switch platform, though only an option, not a required way to play).

There is still a lot of things unknown about this version of the game that should get clarified in the coming days. What resolution does it run at? What about frame rates? Is it using the remastered edition textures? Will it include all DLC? How about support for mods? Right now, it’s just exciting knowing that on an official capacity, we can pretend to be Link in Skyrim on the go.

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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