Silicon Studios Bringing YEBIS 3 Support and More to Nintendo Switch


Silicon Studios has been working with Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch for some time and now we know exactly what they are bringing to the table. According to our friends at Nintendo Everything, they are bringing the following engines and middleware:

  • postscript middleware YEBIS
  • all-in-one game engine OROCHI which has over 40 dev tools
  • next-gen game engine Xenko which will be out in April
  • all be made compatible with Nintendo Switch
  • company already offered middleware and graphic technology for the Switch SDK

Additionally, we know the version of YEBIS being supported on Switch is YEBIS 3. This is notable because the following titles use that engine: Figureheads, Dark Souls III, MotoGP15, Ride and Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Out of that list, Dark Souls III seems like a super tantalizing proposition.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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