Scalpers are Already Having a Field Day Reselling Switch Preorders

They are at it again! Scalpers are taking advantage of the Switch preorders being sold out on a lot of sites, for something that we don’t know how rare it is going to be. Yes they are sold out now but hopefully there will be a restock at these sites, but you never know. Prices range from a whopping $3,900 USD to as low as $412.98 USD. There is one scalper that is starting bidding off at $1,500 USD but you can buy it now for $4,500.04 USD. The average price looks to be somewhere in the $450 USD to $500 USD range. You can also find a few bundles out there. One is being called the “Starter Console Bundle” this includes the Switch and 3 games (Breath of the Wild, 1-2 Switch, and Has Been Hero) and is going for $899.99 USD.

Source: eBay

  • Atrimis

    So a bit of an update; the ‘Starter Console Bundle’ is from Gamestop, and there it’s $437.99

  • Andrew Klein

    I love to see the high resellers prices. Makes the lower resales fly out the door and into a gamers hand. kijiji

  • forjerry

    Don’t buy from a Scalper. Make them hold on to them and then wait for the to either return them back to the store they purchased them, or they are forced to sell them at MSRP. It they don’t sell, then wait longer. They will show up sooner or latter. Don’t patronize the Scalper. Lets hurt them financially.