They are at it again! Scalpers are taking advantage of the Switch preorders being sold out on a lot of sites, for something that we don’t know how rare it is going to be. Yes they are sold out now but hopefully there will be a restock at these sites, but you never know. Prices range from a whopping $3,900 USD to as low as $412.98 USD. There is one scalper that is starting bidding off at $1,500 USD but you can buy it now for $4,500.04 USD. The average price looks to be somewhere in the $450 USD to $500 USD range. You can also find a few bundles out there. One is being called the “Starter Console Bundle” this includes the Switch and 3 games (Breath of the Wild, 1-2 Switch, and Has Been Hero) and is going for $899.99 USD.

Source: eBay