Rumor: Two Nintendo Switch Skus for UK Retailer GAME Priced at $250 and $300


Recently we had a Canadian retailer temporarily listing the Nintendo Switch at what equated to $250 USD. While that pricing has since been removed, Laura Kate Dale from LetsPlayVideoGames has two solid sources that state known sale prices at the retailer GAME in the UK for Nintendo Switch. It is important to note that these are retailer pricing and not the typical “suggested retailer pricing” by Nintendo. These price points were apparently reached based upon preliminary information on the cost of the unit to the retailer itself (IE, what it will cost them to get the unit to their shelves).

One of the interesting bits to come out of this is that Laura has been told there are two Skus for the system, one priced at what equates to $250 USD and a premium package that comes with more storage space and a packed in game for what equates to $300 USD. This not only is the first time in awhile we’ve heard mention of multiple skus, it’s also the first time we had something more concrete than a simple “whoops”.

What makes this especially interesting is that shortly after publication, someone at GAME sent an email to Laura Kate Dale calling into question her journalistic integrity and offhandedly threating actions against her:


While it was nice to see them clarify their official public facing pricing schemes during such times, they were pretty rude about the approach. Quickly, a seemingly higher up GAME PR person responded mere minutes later with the following:


It appears someone overstepped their boundaries in the initial response, but it also oddly enough seems they are angry with her. Is it because she somehow got a hold of inside information? We’ll know for sure on January 12th. Still, this doesn’t paint a pretty picture for GAME, as it is fairly traditional that if a rumor is false (or true in most cases), to simply not respond at all. Price speculation for the Nintendo Switch is going to be persistent until January.

It’s notable Laura has been 100% spot on with every single Nintendo Switch rumor she has reported up this point.

Source: LetsPlayVideoGames

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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