Super Mario Run requires a constant internet connection, which seems a bit odd considering that a majority of the game doesn’t require interaction with other players. That being said, it’s par for the course for many mobile phone games. However, the interesting part comes from a report by Apple Insider, which claims if you are constantly playing the game for an hour straight, it will use roughly 75 MB of data.

Of course, this is a far cry from the sort of data usage you use when playing Pokemon GO for an hour (assuming your carrier doesn’t allow free data usage for that app). They note that the data can vary depending on how you play. That being said, we aren’t 100% sure how they are able to make their claims, as they do not state they have the game themselves, nor do they source anyone else. For now, we’re marking this as a rumor, but one that seems very likely to be true.

Source: Apple Insider