Laura Kate Dale is at it again. In wake of being black listed by Nintendo UK, she is releasing one last big batch of Nintendo rumors, the first of which deals with the Nintendo Switch while it is docked. According to her, the system does gain additional power while docked. Unfortunately, her site is literally crushing under the pressure of the traffic, so she has made her article on this available in an image format for your viewing pleasure:


Essentially, this is very similar to how a gaming laptop functions. When plugged in, you are able to ramp up your clock speeds on both the GPU and CPU, which are not available when on pure battery power. That seems to be the idea here with the dock, although it’s interesting that the dock itself may provide a very small amount of extra cooling. Either way, this makes a lot of sense. We wait with baited breath to find out what the final specs are.

Source: LetsPlayVideoGames