Rumor: Nintendo Rejected a Star Fox Warriors Title Due to ?’s Surrounding the “Future of the Brand”


As one last rumor today, Laura Kate Dale has unleashed something we’ll likely never get confirmed as the game doesn’t exist, but given the absolutely stellar track record she has in her rumor reporting and the poor sales of Star Fox Xero, it’s not hard to believe at least part of this report.

According to her inside source at Nintendo, Koei Tecmo proposed a Star Fox Warriors game in the vein of Hyrule Warriors in early 2016, but Nintendo rejected the idea due to concerns over the future of the brand. As in, it sounds like Nintendo rejected this because they aren’t sure if Star Fox is really going to be in future plans for them moving forward. This is indeed sad news for Star Fox fans out there that maybe hoped the series would return to it’s roots without motion controls sometime in the future.

She also spilled some beans on what the concept of this crossover game contained:

The title, which would have very similarly featured largely melee combat between characters from the Star Fox universe alongside some space dogfighting gameplay, was turned down by Nintendo due to questions regarding the future of the brand. Koei Tecmo’s project would have avoided motion controls, focused on alternating missions between ground combat and a simplified space combat system designed to be simple to control and visually over the top.

She says it is unclear which system the game would have been developed for, but honestly if it wasn’t for the Nintendo Switch I would have been surprised. Even if you are against this idea on the whole, it doesn’t sound like Star Fox has a bright future ahead – or possibly any future at all when it comes to new games.

Source: LetsPlayVideoGames

Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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