Rumor: Mario Kart Switch to Feature All DLC, New Content, & a New Battle Mode


The Nintendo Switch rumors keep rolling in as we inch closer to the January 12th blowout. That means rumor mongers are at an all time high, and that includes the one and only Emily Rogers. She has been “reporting on rumors” dating back to 2011 and has had a quite a few come true. She’s also had a fair share not come to fruition for any number of reasons. Thus it is important that you take these rumors (and really, any and all rumors) with a grain of salt.

According to sources she claims are close to Nintendo, Mario Kart Switch will feature the entirety of Mario Kart 8, including all DLC. In addition, it will feature new characters and new tracks (a pretty safe assumption, to be clear). However, the most interesting tidbit is that the game will feature a new battle mode. Supposedly Nintendo heard all the complaints about the Mario Kart 8 battle mode and scrapped it for something entirely new.

She also claims her sources say the game will land sometime within the first three months of the Switch’s launch (what Nintendo refers to as the “Launch Window”). Are you excited?

Source: Emily Rogers


  • Apex Gaming

    Hopefully. One of my favorite things in old Mario Kart games was battle mode and 8 completely destroyed it.

  • frostchan

    I completely forgot there even was a battle mode for 8 so a proper battle mode is much welcome.

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