Rumor: Lost Continent Section in Universal Islands to be Replaced by Zelda Stuff

We’ve known for awhile that new Nintendo based attractions were arriving at Universal Studios in Florida as well as their associated theme park in Japan. While these attractions are not open yet, it appears a massive area is being taken over by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series at a completely different Universal Park.

According to Theme Park University, a well known site for leaking changes and new attractions at several theme parks the world over, has apparently got their hands this exclusive info.

Here are the changes according to them:

  • Zelda section will replace the entire Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure – will stretch from Seuss Landing all the way to Hogsmeade and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • the scope of the project changed as the strategy to compete with Disney became more aggressive
  • Universal decided to scrap the plans for Universal Studios Florida to get all the Nintendo content
  • Nintendo content will now be at 3 locations: Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and the yet-to-be-named new park
  • the Mario Kart attraction that will open at Universal Studios Japan was slated for Universal Studios Florida
  • now it will open in the Universal park down the road
  • Nintendo land at USF was supposed to feature Zelda attractions as well as Pokemon and Kirby

It appears the idea here is to try and compete more directly with Disney’s theme parks, using Nintendo characters and IP as a huge driving force at multiple parks in the same way Disney’s own IP attracts millions of people per year.