Awhile back, MCVUK reported that the Nintendo Switch would have a very strong first year with Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon heading to the system in 2017. Not a heck of a lot has been heard about the last game since, and with Pokemon Sun and Moon releasing this week it can feel a bit soon to be talking about a new major Pokemon game. According to Emily Rogers and @Doctor_Cupcakes (Unseen64, Did You Know Gaming, and a contributor at Nintendo Life are all to his credit), the MCVUK report is pretty spot on and Game Freak are behind it.

Emily Rogers elaborates by stating the Pokemon game is not a port of Pokken Tournament, though she didn’t rule out the possibility of that happening regardless. The interesting part in all of this is that it is stated that many media members are already aware of what this new Pokemon game is, including the actual title. Naturally we aren’t going to hear anything concrete on this until January 12th, when Nintendo blows lid off of most of the Nintendo Switch’s game secrets for year one.

I know I would be stoked to see a mainline game come to the Switch, though personally I would also love to see the return of Pokemon Stadium. Pokemon fever seems to be hitting an all time high right now with the sheer popularity of Pokemon GO and the high review scores for Sun and Moon. One thing is for certain – Nintendo is going to need an absolutely stellar lineup for the Nintendo Switch during it’s first year on the market and Wii U ports alone will not be enough. Capitalizing on Pokemon’s momentum could be a key driver for Switch sales next holiday.

Source: Twitter