Yesterday we reported on a tweet from Tom Phillips on potential launch window games for the Nintendo Switch. As a small correction on that report, those weren’t listed as launch window games, but rather games Tom has personally had “confirmed” to him to be on the system at all (launch or otherwise). Today however, we have something that is much more exact, including day one, first six months, sometime later in 2017, and even one game for 2018. All of this comes from rumor monger and leaker extrodinaire, Laura Kate Dale, who over the past year has developed a fairly great record with several leaks/rumors coming 100% true in that span. Here’s the full list:


The day one lineup could be amazing if that crossover and Mario title are top tier stuff. Beyond that, the first six months looks very good. You have a slew of Wii U ports filling the gaps with Breath of the Wild and Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy being really damn impressive games. Later in the year she claims Pokemon Stars and a Pikmin reboot of sorts could be the big sellers, probably closer to fall or the holiday period.

Just as a note, she does say that the Xenoblade Chronicles X port is single sourced. As a single sourced rumor, she is not 100% confident in it as she typically only states things that have multiple sources. That being said, she has some additional notes about the supposed Breath of the Wild Switch demo:

For those asking Zelda demo could be for press rather than public, not stating a public demo download.

Nintendo’s dubiousness about Zelda demo is with an open world, fears folk will go further than intended somehow.

It would make a lot of sense for Nintendo to be worried if this was a public facing demo. Just like the E3 demo, there is likely to be a lot more data in this demo than can be helped to make it function as well as they want, thus if the demo is public it will either be hacked in order to visit most of the world or hacked in terms of tearing apart the code base, where story details and enemy/item names could get out. As such, I too wouldn’t be surprised if the Switch demo ends up being exclusive to press.

Source: Twitter