RiME Fixes Pricing, but Does it Prove the Nintendo Tax? – Nintendo Prime Podcast Ep. 24 (Part 2)

On the second segment of this week’s Nintendo Prime Podcast, Eric and yours truly talk about RiME creating pricing parity… sort of, in regards to its release on Switch. We then elaborate on if this, in a way, proves a Nintendo Tax (the idea that games have to be more expensive on Switch to make the same money back per sale compared to other systems) exists. I do apologize for some of the audio issues this week – despite zero changes to the microphones from our last recording setting wise, and no issues in our pre-test, my microphone seems to be having a little “chamber” effect that isn’t just about my distance from it, while Eric’s microphone apparently has a gain issue -neither of which could be fixed in post.

These are the sort of growing pains that happen when you run everything through a virtual, on-computer, mixer instead of a proper mixing board where I can change things on fly. I’ll do my best, as always, to make adjustments for our next podcast recording (episode 25!).

As always, you can listen to the full audio version bel0w:

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

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