Over the years Pokemon games have occasionally gotten a third version. For Red and Blue it was Yellow version. For Diamond and Pearl is was Pokemon Platinum. Since those days however it has fallen out of favor over at Game Freak… that is until apparently right now. Pokemon Sun & Moon are reportedly getting a third entry exclusive to the Nintendo Switch in Pokemon Star, featuring full HD visuals.

This naturally would be the first mainline game to release on a “home console”, but it also marks the first time the third title has appeared on platform different from the first two games. This is all according to Eurogamer, who provided some additional details:

Nintendo’s new 3DS duo Sun and Moon, available today in North America and Japan or next week in Europe, have shared much of their development with their Switch bigger brother.

As you might expect, Pokémon Stars is being developed by the Sun and Moon team at Game Freak, the studio behind all main Pokémon games since the series’ Game Boy beginnings.

In fact, you may have already seen something from the Switch version. Sun and Moon’s February reveal teaser culminates in split-second shots of Game Freak staff such as series boss Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori working on Sun and Moon spliced with quick flashes of in-game concept art and models, including this HD in-game model for new bird Pokémon Pikipek. We’ve heard this is for the Switch edition (picture is seen above)…

…And there will be reason to play both: Pokémon will be tradable between Sun/Moon and Stars via the Pokémon Bank app. We’ve also heard suggestion there will be more creatures to collect in the Switch version, although not all of our sources could confirm this.

Expect the Switch version of Sun and Moon to feature the same map – the same routes and cities – and the same art style, although be built using separate, higher-resolution assets.

Eurogamer also says the game was originally planned for summer 2017, but has been pushed back to later in the year. This suggests it could be the Nintendo Switch’s major holiday title next year. What do you think? As always nothing is confirmed until Nintendo fills us in.

Source: Eurogamer